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Check it: Lord of the Rings is Still Awesome

27 Aug

If you’re like me, you’ve gone through the past months waiting with baited breath for video updates about the upcoming The Hobbit release. Such a mass team effort on costumes, art, stage, and setting coming together is always an amazing thing, especially on such large-scale productions.

I was tickled pink when this gem popped up on my go-to video blog (if you can call it that) wimp.com, showing how Peter Jackson’s original Lord of the Rings films made not-so-small actors appear as their halfling counterparts using the not-so modern technical magic of forced perspective.

While I couldn’t find a video for it (sorry guys), I also remember from the special features in the latest Star Trek film that J.J. Abrams also used forced perspective in a clever (and frugal) way by placing a barn in the background of a scene set in Kirk’s hometown. It was just a perfect scale miniature of a barn placed a distance away from the actors in the shot!

It’s always nice to know that even the creatives with monstrous budgets still make effective use of some of the simplest and cheapest tools in the game. Personally I find it inspiring that such easy things can have such high-quality results.

What’s your simple trick for fancy creative endeavours?



Consider me aMAZEd

2 Aug

All photos credited to Colossal

So if you have any ties within the human race, you know that right now the 2012 Olympic games are going down in London, England. Every day my house is greeted with footage of amazing feats of physical and mental fortitude being displayed by the Olympians, save a few choice badminton teams, and I’m increasingly inspired to go out and try to learn something/anything half as well as these athletes know their sport(s).

The athletes aren’t the only things rising to the occasion though. Brazillian Artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, in collaboration with Hungry Man production company, have erected a labyrinth made up of 250,000 books as part of the London 2012 Festival. Footage of the labyrinth project, called aMAZEme, as well as footage of the public’s interaction with the space, will be posted on the aMAZEme site [site to be published at a later date]. As well as the fun and pure art of interacting with the structure, there will also be touch screens posted around the formation for visitors to search and read content, as well as daily performances by literary figures.

I think I just nerdgasmed.

The structure is based around a basic rendering of the fingerprint of J. L. Borges, an Argentine writer who’s works focussed on dreams, religion, mirrors, libraries, and (you guessed it) labyrinths.

The exhibit will be up for viewing until the 26th of August in the Southbank Centre Clore Ballroom. If any of you lovelies happen to be in that area A) you should go, and B)  I hate you. Find out more about the event through London Festival‘s website.

For those of us continentally challenged, we must satiate ourselves with this amazing video of the labyrinth’s construction. Le sigh.

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