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London Calling

16 Sep

In my heart of hearts I’ll always be a Dominion kind of girl. Fashion weeks come as no exception.

With London Fashion Week in mid stride, my fashion senses were tingling [happy to have feeling again after the magical beauty that is Marchesa‘s Spring 2013 showings] when I happened across Holly Fulton’s Spring 2013 RTW collection. I immediately fell in love with her whimsical Americana designs paired with a San Francisco colour palette. Check out my favourite looks from her lovely collection below:

What’s your favourite Spring/Summer 2013 so far?


Check It: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

9 Sep

If you’ve delved in the fabulous world of fashion, you’ve probably at some point stumbled across the eccentric and amazing style (and life) of Vogue Japan editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo.

The lovely creature that is her delights in the creative opportunity that is personal style, and can be regularly be spotted on some of the internet’s top fashion blogs.

It comes at no surprise then that she would eventually join forces with the flagship of fast fashion H&M to create / curate a collection based on her own closet – an accessory collection that will be hitting stores (and online) around the world on October 4th, 2012.

While this should be enough to send the calmest fashionista/sto (that’s a thing, right?) into fits of affordable joy, H&M and Anna decided to push it over the edge and over the top by releasing this music video… this music video that is about to be stuck in your head all day.

I love it. Are you ready to take a fashion shower?

Don’t Be Such a Chicken

15 Aug

Ever feel intimidated by size negative models or pore-perfect celebrities selling glamour and luxury in the pages of your favourite magazine? I’m lucky enough to attend classes with the fashion-focussed which lends itself to a helpful community of ladies and gents open-minded to wearing anything and everything, in turn allowing for easy access to expressing whatever fashion moment strikes without judgement. This is certainly not the case for most people, put under the unspoken pressure to fit in and blend into their daily lives while succumbing to a fashion stereotype for their body type.

Fashion photographer Peter Lippmann may have been thinking of this (or maybe he was just thinking the textures would be amazing), when he shot this editorial spread for Marie Claire 2 magazine of lovely ladies adorned in the latest and greatest designer jewels… the ladies being chickens of course.

Not only do I find this editorial fabulously original and beautiful, but it serves as a nice reminder that if a bird can look that fabulous, we don’t have to worry about adding a little glamour into our styles any day.

OMG: Givenchy’s Fur Glasses

7 Aug

I was taking a envy-fueled romp through style.com’s Fall 2012 Shopping Guide when I came upon these little babies.

Riccardo. When I said I had my eyes on some fur this season this is not what I meant…

They say all fashion ends in excess (see: 1ft.+ tall 70’s platforms), and these glasses seem to be taking the “fashion ♡’s nerds” movement to the edge… and I’m not sure it’s a glorious one. While a little fuzz (velvet anyone?) can make an everyday item wearable while still being texturizing and interesting, I can only see the shag bringing on sneezes.

If you feel like rocking some face-fur (I can’t talk about this in any way that doesn’t sounds slightly vulgar ok?), these too can be yours from your friendly Bergdorf Goodman at the special order price of $1200.

Thoughts? Opinions? Could you rock the Bifocal Beast?

Fashion on Film: Kpop + H&M

4 Aug

Pop music videos are usually used to promote the image of a particular band or artist as luxurious, rich, and desirable. This is especially true when it comes to kpop, or South Korean pop music, in which artists (known as idols) are themselves the product being sold along with a fashion concept.

As a fashion student, it’s a part of my everyday life to keep updated on the latest and greatest things going down in the fashion industry. As a poor fashion student, this means stalking out the latest updates on H&M collaborations and lining up at 3am to get a little luxe in my life.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find some pieces from these H&M designer collaborations popping up in various kpop music videos this year. Here are some of the thrifty but oh-so-stylish wares being worn (PS. music videos hyperlinked to the song titles!) :

U-KISS “Believe” : Marni for H&M, $59.95

Block B “NalinA” : Versace for H&M, $149.95

Z:EA “Aftermath” : Marni for H&M, $34.95

Personally I think it’s a brilliant business move: all the impact of high design with minimal costs means the production budget stays low, allowing for more income in the  long run! What do you think? Have you spotted any budget buys in music videos you’ve seen?

Fashion on Film: Winter is Coming

30 Jul

So after becoming thoroughly addicted to Game of Thrones (after missing that bandwagon for quite some time), I finally understand the true visual inspiration that blogger Miss Moss connected from the series to Givenchy’s fall 2012 couture collection.

The show’s heart-melting attention to detail is enough to send any fashion addict into fits of delight, and to see it manifested into a dreamlike collection of medieval-come-modern makes the period costume lover in me the happiest of campers.

The collection is filled with intricate detailing, luxurious fabrics, and rich furs that take GOT’s stylistic mixture to a whole new couture level. The comparisons are best seen in Miss Moss’s photo matches, my favourites of which are pictured below.

Amazeballs right?

So for some of the more *ahem* budget restricted folks here (what? Couture not in your paycheque? You’d rather eat!?! How quaint…) who are looking for some Seven Kingdom’s style for this fall season, have no fear!

I’d check out some of the amazing faux leather skirts that are already coming out in the pre-fall/ fall collections at two of the saviours of student style, H&M and Urban Outfitters. Pair with a textured knit and heavy chain jewellery to keep you warm through the long winter.

For right now, how about trying some GOT-inspired braids? Youtube is filled with tutorials, one of my favourites being this look by LaDollyVita33, based of the hairdo Daenerys wore in the Pyre scene in season 1; Perfect for finding your dothraki man warrior!

Are you thinking of channeling a bit of medieval maven this fall/winter?

Are you also impatiently waiting until March to find out what’s going to go down in season 3?

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