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Check It: JuBaFilms

10 Aug

So I was doing my daily internet video roundup (today’s splendour including Epke Zonderland’s insane routine, my Daily Grace, and re-watching communitychannel’s walrus-clap-inducing return preview video), when I came across a video amazing.

That video was this:

And then I hit up the Youtube, and I found them. JuBaFilms. Or as I shall now call them, “Sweet-Mother-Of-Holy-Saint-Lord-Christ-How-Did-They-Think-Of-That Films”  (no trademark… yet…). Their stuff is AMAZING.

The crew is based off four crazy-talented individuals, Julien Bam (dancer, creator), Gong Bao (dancer, creator), Michael “Hillli” (film and acting), and Vincent Lee  (music man extrodinarie). Each of their films features a comic-like editing quality, astounding cinematography, increasingly impressive graphics, hilarious visual jokes, and above all jaw-dropping dance skills. Stories are well-developed and portrayed, and most are word-free, making them oh-so internationally accessible.

To see more of this talented bunch, check out out their YouTube channel and/or their website.


OMG: Givenchy’s Fur Glasses

7 Aug

I was taking a envy-fueled romp through’s Fall 2012 Shopping Guide when I came upon these little babies.

Riccardo. When I said I had my eyes on some fur this season this is not what I meant…

They say all fashion ends in excess (see: 1ft.+ tall 70’s platforms), and these glasses seem to be taking the “fashion ♡’s nerds” movement to the edge… and I’m not sure it’s a glorious one. While a little fuzz (velvet anyone?) can make an everyday item wearable while still being texturizing and interesting, I can only see the shag bringing on sneezes.

If you feel like rocking some face-fur (I can’t talk about this in any way that doesn’t sounds slightly vulgar ok?), these too can be yours from your friendly Bergdorf Goodman at the special order price of $1200.

Thoughts? Opinions? Could you rock the Bifocal Beast?

Fashion on Film: Kpop + H&M

4 Aug

Pop music videos are usually used to promote the image of a particular band or artist as luxurious, rich, and desirable. This is especially true when it comes to kpop, or South Korean pop music, in which artists (known as idols) are themselves the product being sold along with a fashion concept.

As a fashion student, it’s a part of my everyday life to keep updated on the latest and greatest things going down in the fashion industry. As a poor fashion student, this means stalking out the latest updates on H&M collaborations and lining up at 3am to get a little luxe in my life.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find some pieces from these H&M designer collaborations popping up in various kpop music videos this year. Here are some of the thrifty but oh-so-stylish wares being worn (PS. music videos hyperlinked to the song titles!) :

U-KISS “Believe” : Marni for H&M, $59.95

Block B “NalinA” : Versace for H&M, $149.95

Z:EA “Aftermath” : Marni for H&M, $34.95

Personally I think it’s a brilliant business move: all the impact of high design with minimal costs means the production budget stays low, allowing for more income in the  long run! What do you think? Have you spotted any budget buys in music videos you’ve seen?

Consider me aMAZEd

2 Aug

All photos credited to Colossal

So if you have any ties within the human race, you know that right now the 2012 Olympic games are going down in London, England. Every day my house is greeted with footage of amazing feats of physical and mental fortitude being displayed by the Olympians, save a few choice badminton teams, and I’m increasingly inspired to go out and try to learn something/anything half as well as these athletes know their sport(s).

The athletes aren’t the only things rising to the occasion though. Brazillian Artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, in collaboration with Hungry Man production company, have erected a labyrinth made up of 250,000 books as part of the London 2012 Festival. Footage of the labyrinth project, called aMAZEme, as well as footage of the public’s interaction with the space, will be posted on the aMAZEme site [site to be published at a later date]. As well as the fun and pure art of interacting with the structure, there will also be touch screens posted around the formation for visitors to search and read content, as well as daily performances by literary figures.

I think I just nerdgasmed.

The structure is based around a basic rendering of the fingerprint of J. L. Borges, an Argentine writer who’s works focussed on dreams, religion, mirrors, libraries, and (you guessed it) labyrinths.

The exhibit will be up for viewing until the 26th of August in the Southbank Centre Clore Ballroom. If any of you lovelies happen to be in that area A) you should go, and B)  I hate you. Find out more about the event through London Festival‘s website.

For those of us continentally challenged, we must satiate ourselves with this amazing video of the labyrinth’s construction. Le sigh.

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