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Aww, it’s Godzilla!

4 Sep

If you haven’t seen my earlier comical post about my physical stature matching Godzilla’s when I step over objects, then this may be your first encounter with my obsession of the gargantuan beast.

It will no longer come to surprise then when I say that when I came across these photographs of classic Godzilla(s) in off air moments I became slightly obsessed. Even if you aren’t one for oversized reptilian machines of destruction, you can’t avoid the endearment that comes from these captures. Enjoy!

Agent 00G


Hauntingly Beautiful

21 Aug

You know that feeling when you see something you think is beautiful but you’re not quite sure why? This is the way I feel about Albino, a collection of portraits done by Brazilian photographer Gustavo Lacerda.

Gustavo has been researching and gathering subjects with albinism, people most commonly referred to as albinos, since 2009. These portraits capture the beauty of and within each of his subjects, resulting in remarkable images with gorgeous colour mixes.

When was the last time you saw something that you weren’t quite sure why you were attracted to? What was it?

Don’t Be Such a Chicken

15 Aug

Ever feel intimidated by size negative models or pore-perfect celebrities selling glamour and luxury in the pages of your favourite magazine? I’m lucky enough to attend classes with the fashion-focussed which lends itself to a helpful community of ladies and gents open-minded to wearing anything and everything, in turn allowing for easy access to expressing whatever fashion moment strikes without judgement. This is certainly not the case for most people, put under the unspoken pressure to fit in and blend into their daily lives while succumbing to a fashion stereotype for their body type.

Fashion photographer Peter Lippmann may have been thinking of this (or maybe he was just thinking the textures would be amazing), when he shot this editorial spread for Marie Claire 2 magazine of lovely ladies adorned in the latest and greatest designer jewels… the ladies being chickens of course.

Not only do I find this editorial fabulously original and beautiful, but it serves as a nice reminder that if a bird can look that fabulous, we don’t have to worry about adding a little glamour into our styles any day.

Hel Looks

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Color Me Katie

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Kate or Die!

Comics. Queers. Cats.


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Miss Moss

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