Suit Up For Spring

13 Apr

With trends of plaid punk prints and 1960s streamlined shapes having had kicked around the fashion block for the past few seasons – raising the international desire for matching separates to levels unseen since the Clueless years – it’s no wonder the two have seemingly combined into an “it” look for the spring: the matching pant suit. Never has a combo trend been so quintessentially shown to me then in The Moonshiners music video ‘Motel Manhattan’, which has quickly become my personal anthem for spring.

The mixture of plaid, pastel, leather oxfords, and good humour all with a 2-tone guitar (or bass) strapped across across the chest is the perfect mix of edge and elegance, detail and streamlining for both men’s and women’s styling for the coming season. The music is just as catchy as the spirit.

What is your spring style?


Check It: Neon Pegasus

24 Sep

While the title and animation might at first deceive you into thinking this is a song made for the mocking, Neon Pegasus by Parry Gripp (and art by Sarah Hampton) by will quickly change your mind… and then stay there for 2-3 days on end.

Sometimes you just need to be unabashedly positive and upbeat about something [especially with 8AM classes], and how can you not when hearing about the amazing victory over the Gummy King’s gluten-powered armada?


London Calling

16 Sep

In my heart of hearts I’ll always be a Dominion kind of girl. Fashion weeks come as no exception.

With London Fashion Week in mid stride, my fashion senses were tingling [happy to have feeling again after the magical beauty that is Marchesa‘s Spring 2013 showings] when I happened across Holly Fulton’s Spring 2013 RTW collection. I immediately fell in love with her whimsical Americana designs paired with a San Francisco colour palette. Check out my favourite looks from her lovely collection below:

What’s your favourite Spring/Summer 2013 so far?

Check It: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

9 Sep

If you’ve delved in the fabulous world of fashion, you’ve probably at some point stumbled across the eccentric and amazing style (and life) of Vogue Japan editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo.

The lovely creature that is her delights in the creative opportunity that is personal style, and can be regularly be spotted on some of the internet’s top fashion blogs.

It comes at no surprise then that she would eventually join forces with the flagship of fast fashion H&M to create / curate a collection based on her own closet – an accessory collection that will be hitting stores (and online) around the world on October 4th, 2012.

While this should be enough to send the calmest fashionista/sto (that’s a thing, right?) into fits of affordable joy, H&M and Anna decided to push it over the edge and over the top by releasing this music video… this music video that is about to be stuck in your head all day.

I love it. Are you ready to take a fashion shower?

Aww, it’s Godzilla!

4 Sep

If you haven’t seen my earlier comical post about my physical stature matching Godzilla’s when I step over objects, then this may be your first encounter with my obsession of the gargantuan beast.

It will no longer come to surprise then when I say that when I came across these photographs of classic Godzilla(s) in off air moments I became slightly obsessed. Even if you aren’t one for oversized reptilian machines of destruction, you can’t avoid the endearment that comes from these captures. Enjoy!

Agent 00G

Check it: Lord of the Rings is Still Awesome

27 Aug

If you’re like me, you’ve gone through the past months waiting with baited breath for video updates about the upcoming The Hobbit release. Such a mass team effort on costumes, art, stage, and setting coming together is always an amazing thing, especially on such large-scale productions.

I was tickled pink when this gem popped up on my go-to video blog (if you can call it that), showing how Peter Jackson’s original Lord of the Rings films made not-so-small actors appear as their halfling counterparts using the not-so modern technical magic of forced perspective.

While I couldn’t find a video for it (sorry guys), I also remember from the special features in the latest Star Trek film that J.J. Abrams also used forced perspective in a clever (and frugal) way by placing a barn in the background of a scene set in Kirk’s hometown. It was just a perfect scale miniature of a barn placed a distance away from the actors in the shot!

It’s always nice to know that even the creatives with monstrous budgets still make effective use of some of the simplest and cheapest tools in the game. Personally I find it inspiring that such easy things can have such high-quality results.

What’s your simple trick for fancy creative endeavours?


Hauntingly Beautiful

21 Aug

You know that feeling when you see something you think is beautiful but you’re not quite sure why? This is the way I feel about Albino, a collection of portraits done by Brazilian photographer Gustavo Lacerda.

Gustavo has been researching and gathering subjects with albinism, people most commonly referred to as albinos, since 2009. These portraits capture the beauty of and within each of his subjects, resulting in remarkable images with gorgeous colour mixes.

When was the last time you saw something that you weren’t quite sure why you were attracted to? What was it?

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